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Pastured, Grassfed
Angus BeeF:

Quarter, Half, or WHole
Ready for Pick Up: Fall 2022 in Hazen, ND


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Are you looking for QUICK meals that are EASY to prepare, your whole family will LOVE, and are highly NUTRITIOUS?  Do you value healthy land & clean water and enjoy supporting local family farms?  

Have you experienced the convenience of grabbing hamburger, steaks, ribs & roasts right from your own freezer to make fast, flavorful meals?  No matter the cut of beef, our favorite go-to prep is a simple sprinkle of sea salt & cracked pepper before grilling/cooking as desired.  Fancy recipes are always optional. 

Seek First Ranch is taking pre-orders NOW for custom-cut, Grassfed Beef while supplies last.

2022 Reservations are honored on a first-come basis.  Lock in your share of delicious steaks, versatile ground beef, hearty roasts & stew meat, nourishing soup bone, plus ribs, brisket, and organ meats (upon request).

BULK OPTIONS: QUARTER, HALF, 3/4, or WHOLE BEEF--grassfed & finished, flavorful, and nutrient-dense. 

Bulk beef pricing for 2022 is $2.95/lb hanging weight & includes delivery to Hill Top Hazen Meats for processing. [Processing charges are separate.] The slight pricing increase is to account for our additional drought-related expenses.

The advantage of custom processing is that YOU get to choose the cuts & packaging options that work best for you. 

Total actual price for both beef & processing will be calculated once meat is processed and weighed.  

Hill Top Meats will contact you when your beef is ready for you to pick up from their shop in Hazen, ND.

[Meat delivery is not available.]


To guarantee your reservation, we may ask for a non-refundable deposit of $50 per quarter, $100 per half & $200 per whole beef. This amount will go directly toward your total cost, which will be due upon Beef pick-up.

> QUARTERS entitle you to 25% of a whole beef.  Quarters typically provide 65--85 lb of meat

> HALVES entitle you to 50% of a whole beef.  Halves typically provide 130--170 lb of meat 

> 3/4 entitles you to 75% of  a whole beef & typically provides 195--255 lb of meat

> WHOLES entitle you to 100% of a beef & typically provide 260--340 lb of meat 


ADDITIONAL QUESTIONS? Let us know how we can help you select the option that is best for you and your family.

THANK YOU for Supporting our Family Ranch!

-Joshua, Tara, Siena, Jameson, & Simon Dukart

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Thanks for Supporting our Family Ranch.

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