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REGEN Recap & Coming Soon: baby lambs!

Do you know what Joshua & I love most about facilitating Schools & Retreats?

The people.

Their stories.

Oh, the stories told

during our time together in Texas

shared with people

from all over the world

who gathered together

to learn

to explore

to grow

to share their lives

to go deep

and talk about real things

Things that matter.

and it's profound and beautiful

when people are free to share

their struggles

their ideas

their hopes

and their dreams

for their families

for their communities

for the land they steward

and the creation in their care

And it's rich.

So we invite you

to sit with fellow


The conversations are different.

(and so are the adventures)

Now, click the 'play' arrow, sit back, and enjoy this journey...

Special thanks to:

The wonderful HMI program and grants manager, Dana McDaniel Bonham, for this photography and video plus all of her behind-the-scenes coordination;

Our fellow instructors & facilitators: Kirk Gadzia, Wayne Knight, Christine Martin, & Casey Wade;

The beautiful, award-winning hosting & learning facility: Josey Pavilion at the Dixon Water Foundation in Decatur, TX;

and Holistic Management International



for "DAY 31..." the finale of our #31DayChallenge


BABY LAMBS will be arriving soon on Seek First Ranch. You BETTER BELIEVE this blog will be blasted with photos...

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