Reserve your share NOw! 

limited quantities of 100%Grassfed BeeF

Ready for pick-up in Hazen, ND: Dec. 2019 

Are you looking for QUICK meals that are EASY to prepare, your whole family will LOVE, and are highly NUTRITIOUS?  Do you enjoy supporting local family farms and care about healthy land & clean water?  Have you experienced the convenience of grabbing hamburger, steaks, ribs & roasts right from your own freezer to make fast, flavorful meals?  No matter the cut of beef, our favorite go-to prep is a simple sprinkle of sea salt & cracked pepper before grilling/cooking as desired.  Fancy recipes are always optional! :)  

Seek First Ranch is taking pre-orders NOW for 100% Grassfed Beef: Ready for pick up (approx.) December 2019. Lock in your share of delicious steaks & ribs, versatile ground beef, hearty roasts, nourishing soup bone, and organ meats (upon request). BULK OPTIONS: QUARTER, HALF or WHOLE BEEF--100% grassfed, natural & nutrient-dense. 


Bulk beef pricing is $2.80/lb hanging weight. Estimated total price is approx $7.30/lb take-home meat to include processing charges from J&J Meats of Hazen, ND (Federally inspected). Total price will be calculated once meat is processed and weighed.

Weight averages are listed in the "QUANTITY" drop bar below!


*If you prefer ordering beef by the specific cut & pound instead of Bulk, select "OTHER" in the "QUANTITY" drop bar. In the "Requests & Comments" section, please list the type of beef & amount you are looking for. We will respond with availability & pricing from our licensed retail freezer. 


QUESTIONS? Let us know how we can help you select the option that is best for you and your family.

THANK YOU for Supporting our Family Ranch!

-Joshua, Tara, Siena, Jameson, & Simon Dukart


​But Seek First the Kingdom of God & His Righteousness & All these things shall be Given to you.  Matthew 6:33


Hazen, ND USA