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Seek First Ranch

Grassfed & Finished, Angus Beef        Born, Raised, & Grazed with Care

Seek First Ranch's 100% Grassfed, Angus Beef are pastured year-round. 

Their diet includes fresh water & diverse native grasses, forbs, & legumes. 

To ensure their health and yours, we supplement with essential vitamins & minerals, beneficial salt, detoxifying clay & apple cider vinegar.

During winter months, we supply their pastures with additional home-grown & local hay.  Our calves are born in late spring/early summer on green grass & they are adapted to thrive in our ND climate.  Throughout their lives they are healthy, robust, &

FREE FROM: synthetic hormones, antibiotics, corn, grain, and GMO’s. 

With Love, From our Family to Yours
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