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Grassfed & Finished, Angus Beef        Born, Raised, & Grazed with Care

Special Notice as of March 2022: We believe in transparency, so we want to keep you informed when any of our practices differ from what is described on
As we navigate our drought plan; the grass, hay, and supply shortages; & increased costs of production, 
we want to let you know that we will be making some temporary minor changes in our ranch management.  Our end goal is to manage our resources to the best of our ability to nourish the land, animals, and you- even in this severe, ongoing drought.  

Please contact us with your specific questions. As always, we are honored to raise your food. 

Seek First Ranch's 100% Grassfed, Angus Beef are pastured year-round. 

Their diet includes fresh water & diverse native grasses, forbs, & legumes. 

To ensure their health and yours, we supplement with essential vitamins & minerals, beneficial salt, detoxifying clay & apple cider vinegar.

During winter months, we supply their pastures with additional home-grown & local hay.  Our calves are born in late spring/early summer on green grass & they are adapted to thrive in our ND climate.  Throughout their lives they are healthy, robust, &

FREE FROM: synthetic hormones, antibiotics, corn, grain, and GMO’s. 

With Love, From our Family to Yours
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