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How to OPT OUT of this thing you don't want & didn't ask for...

Dear Friends, I am admitting to you (without complaining, mind you) that I'm having some tech issues.

But hey, we are all about seeking solutions, aren't we??

Help a girl out, would you?

Did this post pop up in your email??

Yes (Hey, Tara, this popped up in my email) or No (Hey Tara, I just happened upon this blog post)

You see, some of our 31-Day Challenge participants have not been getting the daily updates they signed up for. And since I promised on delivery....I clicked all the opt-in boxes that seemed logical to me. BUT now I'm concerned that it auto-opted in some folks who are in the Seek First Ranch contact list, but who didn't ask to be a part of this challenge.

If that's you, no worries! I can take you right back out. I mean, I'm probably gonna need some tech support, but I will seek the solution & MAKE it happen!

So sorry for your inconvenience.

Just hit 'reply' on your email and let me know if you are in but want to be out.

We never take any form of payment through the website, so I assure you, you have not been charged a thing.

This challenge is free.

We don't share your contact info with 3rd parties either. This is a secured site.

You can officially join this challenge by clicking on the 'thumbs up' image below.

And if you just ignore me, that's fine too. I don't mind, if you don't.

But seriously, if you are getting the emails and are willing to let me know....I'd super appreciate it. I am here for YOU, not my laptop screen.

>>BY THE WAY, IF you've been doin' the Challenge, please shoot me an email & lemme know how it's goin' fer ya so far.

I PROMISE I won't throw your name into my next story.....

I legit promise. No facetiousness happenin' here.

Copyright © 2023 Tara Dukart of Seek First Ranch. All Rights Reserved.

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