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Introduction to Holistic Management: Managing Land, Wealth & People for Success

3 Day School/Speaking time varies to accomodate requests

Interested in Improving your Quality of Life, your Relationships and your Environment all while becoming more Profitable?  Introduction to Holistic Management allows participants  to gain clarity on their personal desires and core values regarding their social, economic and ecological goals.   It allows participants to more effectively communicate those values with their teams, families and businesses so that everyone involved is motivated and empowered to achieve success.  Holistic Management believes in understanding our ecosystem as  interconnected cycles to allow us to more effectively work with nature to improve the health of our land, animals, people, environment and finances. 

Financial Planning

2 Day School/Speaking time varies to accomodate requests

Are you looking to become more Profitable or Financially Stable without creating extra work for yourself?  This School provides key financial principles that help participants learn how to work on their business, not just in their business. This simple approach to financial planning will help participants understand the big picture view as well as make critical production decisions based on a clear sense of cost of production for different enterprises.  We will discuss tools and concepts to develop a financial plan and identify ways to implement and monitor that plan. Participants will learn the key economic analysis tools for improved financial decisions for both annual budgets and for long-term investments.

Empowered and Equipped: Enriching your Life & Relationships

1-2 Day School/Speaking time varies to accomodate requests

Want to increase effectiveness and build morale with your family members, business partners, co-workers or friends?  Do you desire to establish healthier physical and mental health habits, but you are not sure where to start or how to maintain?  Empowered and Equipped  discusses how using intentional language, accountability, healthy habit-forming, time management and effective coping skills will improve your communication and will help you honor and process the emotional barriers that are limiting your success.  Become empowered and equipped to experience the fullness of the life you were created to live.  

Biological Planning: Regenerative Grazing & Cropping with Purpose

2 Day School/Speaking time varies to accomodate requests

“Regenerative Thinking” is a new and strategic approach to land and resource management that is directly linked to our financial viability and quality of life. Regeneration goes beyond simply sustaining what we have.

This School encourages strategic focus on management towards the health of the entire soil-plant-animal-human complex through development of grazing and cropping plans. These plans and associated tools include analyzing options to manage through each obstacle and challenge, but to also pull opportunity out of every season, no matter what mother-nature throws at us. Additionally, it focuses on asking “why” we are taking certain actions and if they are actually accomplishing our objectives.

Land Planning: Creating the Farm or Ranch of Your Dreams

1 Day School/Speaking time varies to accomodate requests

In this School, we discuss  how to develop the best possible plan for the physical infrastructure of your property so you can handle production in the most economical and practical way; how to prioritize and develop infrastructure that ties into your financial, grazing, and cropping plans to ensure profitability at each step along the way; how to identify the best use of money, energy, and time on your operation to achieve desired results sooner rather than later;  how to minimize the cost of the infrastructure you do put in, such as fencing, water points, and handling facilities, & how to develop a land plan that will serve your goals as well as opportunities for future generations.

Intentional Monitoring & Feedback Loop

1 Day School/Speaking time varies to accomodate requests

This School helps participants identify short and long term indicators of soil health on grassland and cropland; learn basic and comprehensive land monitoring techniques; recognize why monitoring your resources is essential to achieving our objectives; discover what to look for when analyzing functionality of ecosystem processes; understand the important relationship between the grazing plan and the monitoring plan, & distinguish the difference between proactive monitoring and reactive record keeping.

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