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 What might Personal or Group Coaching look like for me?
At Seek First, We believe you are in charge of your habits & routines. We know how challenging it can be to make changes to those habits & routines,

especially if they have been years or decades in the making.

Sometimes past hurts or struggles keep us believing things about ourselves or our circumstances that hold us captive. It affects our thoughts, words, actions, & relationships.

We believe you have the right to experience freedom and optimal mental, physical, nutritional, & spiritual health. We believe you are worthy, & you are loved unconditionally by the God who created you in His own image. 

We, as people, are perfect and priceless.  Sometimes our actions and habits are not. 

Let's work on that together. 

An effective coach can help you identify necessary habit & thinking changes. An effective coach can help you set & hold yourself accountable to your goals, much like a personal trainer. We can offer suggestions & guidance as you work toward meeting your own intentions for improving your mental, physical, nutritional, & spiritual health.

Parenting coaching available too!


Why Facilitation?

Do you have a big decision to make?  Are you in a season of transition?  Do you anticipate making changes in the future? Are you interested in exploring the benefits of vision planning?

We believe everyone has the right to be heard & understood. Even when groups or families do not struggle with conflict, an effective facilitator can help ensure that everyone has a chance to express their thoughts and ideas calmly and effectively:

to hear and be heard & to understand and be understood. 

It starts by asking the right questions & creating safe space for responses. 

We can help.

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