Empowered & Equipped Series

for Educators & Care Providers


Dear Educators and Care Providers,

You have been faced with extreme challenges over the past several years. It's been physically and mentally draining for many of you. And still, you choose to show up for the children in your class or in your care.  You pour your love and energy into them. Your work matters. Your time matters.  Your energy matters.  You matter.

We want to support, empower, and encourage you, so that you aren't pouring from an empty cup.

Now, what if we told you that the way most people tend to phrase their everyday words actually weakens their mental health? Would you like to know which phrases are the biggest offenders? 

By changing the way we use language, we change our consciousness, and that in turn influences every thought, feeling & behavior in our lives.

Empowered & Equipped For Such a Time as This will discuss strategic ways to boost your mental, emotional, physical, and immune health.

We know children learn their own language and behaviors by listening and watching those around them.  When parents, teachers, and caregivers have the skills and tools they need to support their own mental and behavioral health, they are able to strategically model it for the next generation.

BOOK TARA DUKART to be part of your next workshop or for an independent or on-going workshop series.