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Day 10 of 31: Goodness gracious, great balls of fire & bullcrap

Hey there,

It's your wingman talkin'

-a little voice-of-reason as you head into your weekend

In his book & website, which Tara is not financially nor otherwise affiliated,

James outlines the 4 laws of behavior change to help us build better habits:

1. Make it obvious

2. Make it attractive

3. Make it easy

4. Make it satisfying

Let's do another mash-up, should we?

How do these 4 laws fit into our 31-Day-Challenge?

Great Question.

1. We make it obvious by setting boundaries. Your body, and the bubble you set around you is a no-complain-no-commiseration-zone. You wear a "See the Blue" wrist band (or whatever you have chosen as a substitute) to remind yourself, and to show the world that you are committed to watchin-yer-mouth.

2. We make it attractive, obviously, with high-fashion wrist bands. (See #1). Speaking of attractive, let's be honest. You are much, much better looking when you aren't whinin' 'bout yer bullcrap.

3. We make it easy by checkin' in on you daily and offerin' you some tips and tools for your tool box.

And YOU make it easy by inviting in your family members, friends & co-workers to help you hold yourself accountable. (Also so that you don't hafta listen to them whine 'bout their bullcrap neither. )

4. We make it satisfying with humor. And Tom Cruise.

You're welcome.

Hey, you know what else helps set good habits?

That's right.


So your wingman is here,

talkin' to you and remindin' you-

EVERY time you catch yourself complaining, Listen up:

  • STOP yer whinin' 'bout yer great balls of bullcrap

  • SHIFT "Let's turn and burn!"

  • SEEK. the. Solution.

Go save the day, Maverick.

For the record,

Tara Dukart is not affiliated with Top Gun, Maverick, Great Balls of Fire, nor Bullcrap.


Copyright © 2023 Tara Dukart of Seek First Ranch. All Rights Reserved.

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Jun 26, 2023

😂 This is awesome.

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