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Day 9 of 31: James gets hit in the face

With a baseball bat.

And it's bad.

Real bad.

Have you met James Clear, the author of Atomic Habits?

Technically speaking, I have not.

But I DID read his best-selling book.

It's the one that teaches you how to change your habits

and get 1% better every day.

Today, I offer you my Cliff's Notes.

After the accident, James is flown to a major hospital. He is put into a medically-induced coma. And when released, James has a bulging left eye, a broken nose, about a half dozen facial fractures, and will be undergoing months and months and months of physical therapy.

During this process, James realizes that small, seemingly trivial changes in daily behavior can lead to some pretty powerful habits.

How powerful? Google him and see for yourself.

That powerful.

Yesterday we encouraged you to share your success stories with us. Today we are inviting you to get real with us and be honest with where you are at.

Are you going through something that feels like a metaphorical bat-to-the-face?

We have 22 more days with you in this challenge, and we want to share applicable and relevant tips with you from our Tool Box.

We have acquired mentors and resources that have helped us heal our own metaphorical fractured-faces.

So tell us. What tool from the Tool Box do you want or need next?

There is a yellow button below for you to add your suggestions.

Maybe it's not for you. Maybe it's for someone you know.

In chapter 11, James will tell you to Walk Slowly, but Never Backward.

We think it's brilliant.

As we continue to

  • STOP,

  • SHIFT, and


We invite you to shift your perspective, shift toward healing, and walk like James:

slowly, but never backward.

Walk toward the tool you need.

Is it learning how to increase your productivity? Is it better quality sleep? Is it planning for succession? Is it navigating that difficult conversation?

Is it forgiveness?

What is it?

Let us know

Tara Dukart is not financially or otherwise affiliated with James Clear, his book, Atomic Habits: An Easy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits & Break Bad Ones, nor its publishing company: Penguin Random House. © 2018

She does, however, recommend this book, which is why she just spelled out all the info you need to go find it. It'll make a great tool for your Tool Box.

Speaking of Tool Box... Some of you are BRAND NEW to this 31-Day Challenge. WELCOME!

You will find the first 8 days under "See All" below.


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