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Day 14 of 31: "I lost my joy, and I'll never get it back."

- Simon, age 4

Have you met our youngest child?

We'll introduce you momentarily,

but first-

we'd like you

to say hello to the king.

Not that one.

This one:

His name is Context, and


Which leads us back to Simon.

Simon is a story teller.

I once carried him out of a hair salon

choke-sobbing, because he wasn't done

with his turn "talking to Marla."

He begged and pleaded for another same-day haircut.

4 to 6 weeks, son. 4 to 6 weeks.

This is not when Simon "lost his joy."

Simon lost his joy last Christmas season. December 13, 2022, to be exact.

The conversation went down like this.

Simon: "I lost my joy."

Me: "You did???"

Simon: "Yes. I lost my joy. And I'll never get it back."

You know which character is missing from this seemingly depressing dialogue?

That's right, the king.

Our ol' friend, Context.

What does this story have to do with our 31 DAY QUIT-YER-COMPLAININ' CHALLENGE?


Context is king. Communication is queen. They are married to each other.

We all know "happily-ever-afters" don't just happen.

We persue them.

You want better, more effective, more productive, healthier communication?

Pursue it.

When you catch yourself in a conversation that's swiftly spiraling downward:

  • STOP. pause for reflection

  • SHIFT focus

  • SEEK to understand the context

Find what's lost

Take your JOY back.

May I now introduce you to Simon's


that once was lost,

but now's been found:


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