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Day 27 of 31: "I don't know what you've been told...

...But time is running out, so spend it like it's gold."


I can't believe that we are 87.097% done with our 31 days together in this challenge.

I really like what we've been building here.

Together we're

"Keeping dreams alive,"

- you know, much like those -

"1999 heroes"

And we're

"Way too busy for them problems and problems to feel" (yeah-yeah) "No stressing, just obsessin' with sealin' the deal"

So we'll

"Take it in and let it go"

Because we

"Ain't worried 'bout it right now (right now)"

(cue whistling)


We know you ain't worried, because you are keeping your commitment to this challenge by "sealin' the deal"

EVERY time you catch yourself complaining, you know how to

  • STOP



Now let's hit the beach.

(oh, and when you get hungry from playin' all that dogfight football,

come see us tonight from 5-7pm

at the

for free samples of our premium 100% grassfed beef)


I Ain't Worried music video performed by OneRepublic and the cast of Top Gun: Maverick. Directed by Isaac Rentz.

Songwriters: Ryan Tedder, Brent Kutzle, Bjorn Yttling, John Eriksson, Peter Moren, Tyler Spry.

Top Gun: Maverick. © 2022 Paramount Pictures

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