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Day 25 of 31: the Missing Sock Convention about to commence up in here.

If yer lookin' fer yer missin' socks, they're on my loveseat.

Please come get 'em.

I know someone, somewhere,

has a collection

suspiciously similar to

<<< this scene in their own living room.


Someday, I'll be rich enough to throw out my mismatched socks,

and while I'm at it - toss out the Sharpies that barely squeak out ink.

Speaking of rich -

Now that I'm better at REININ' in my COMPLAININ'...

I think it's time to add some additional value to my life.

As I practice the Seek First Ranch method fer quittin-yer-bitchin'

I am better equipped to:

  • STOP my negative thought pattern & take notice of my crabby attitude.

  • SHIFT into a neutral mindset. Then into a more positive mindset.

  • SEEK SOLUTIONS to solve my problems.

And in doing so, I am SOAKIN' UP all the mentors I can find.

I'd like to introduce you to a mentor and friend of mine, Marissa Nehlsen.

Do you already know her?

Marissa is ALL about livin' a rich life. HERE'S what Marissa says a rich life should be:

"Emotionally strong

Relationally strong

Physically strong

Spiritually strong

Financially strong"

I know Marissa to be puttin' her money where her mouth is.

She walks the talk.

And she's got this thing comin' up April 3-7 that I thought perhaps you might like to check out.

You CERTAINLY don't need to join her free online summit with bestselling authors, 7-to-8 figure entrepreneurs, health and wellness experts, C-suite executives, and more.

You can TOTALLY go back to sortin' yer sock drawer instead.

But, if yer curious and wanna check it out, I'll post a link for ya below.

Who doesn't want to #LIVELIFERICH?


Marissa Nehlsen's podcasts can be found here.

I recommend listening to them while













Um, yeah, it is a wild Saturday night at the Dukart household.

Thanks fer askin'.


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