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Day 1 of 31: It's Legit. Let's Quit.

Thanks fer showin' up to Seek First Ranch's


It's March 1 in North Dakota.

We just experienced yet another snow storm.

It had major impact on travel conditions, almost causing my good friend Kari to miss her flight. Once again- schools, workshops and businesses navigated "late starts."

If you stepped outside this morning, smiled, and thought to yourself, "Look at all this beautiful, fresh, new, fluffy snow. Today is going to be a great day..."

Then the next 31 days might be easy peasy.


if any derogatory thought, word, or tone- I'm talking to you, sarcasm spewers...

came pouring out of you today,

then the next 31 days will be a challenge.

Be in it to WIN it.

This is a competition with yourself and for yourself.

But-- we DO encourage you to bring some friends, family, & co-workers

along side you.

WHY? Because not only are we asking you to quit yer own crappy attitude,

we are also inviting you to quit yer bitchin' with others.

Commiserating is painful & it needs to stop.



Let's hold ourselves accountable.

Let's not only set boundaries, let's learn how to help others clearly see where our boundaries are set.

May we now introduce you to...


1. Wear your wristband at all times. This is not only YOUR visual cue, it is also the cue for others. Boundaries, remember? (If you did not get a wristband from us at the "Protect Your Legacy" turning point, no problem. You probably have a substitute already floating around your home. A large rubber band or hair scrunchy will work just fine. Hey, we aren't against you going WILD and donning a top hat or a tiara for the next month.)

<<Make your boundary BIG>>

2. EVERY time you catch yourself complaining:

  • STOP


  • SEEK

STOP the thought.

SHIFT the focus to something positive.

SEEK: Find one pleasant thing to say about the person or thing you were just complainin' about or throwin' under the bus.

If you were complaining about a problem, seek one possible solution. ( "...But maybe I could......." )

Any Questions?

Every day this week, we will walk you though some tips and some

HOW TO HANDLE " x "...

*Sincere apologies if your name is actually Karen. We'll help you take your name back.


RIGHT NOW: Share this message with your friends, family, and co-workers.

It will explain WHY

you ain't gonna be standing 'round that water cooler ** & whining for the next 31 days.

** Or wherever ya do yer commiseratin'


image courtesy of Starion Legacy Ag

Copyright © 2023 Tara Dukart of Seek First Ranch. All Rights Reserved.

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