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Day 2 of 31: Sorry, Karen

First of all, if your name is actually Karen, send me a message. You deserve some free chocolate and plenty of sympathy for those 5 letters becoming synonymous in storytelling with "obnoxious," "rude," or "entitled."

Let's get you your name back.

This 31-Day-Challenge is all about us shifting our attitudes.

As my new friend Calli puts it,

"What if we treat other people the way they want to be treated?"

No more 'Karening," alright? No more noses in the air, no more rolling of the eyes, no more knocking down ideas before hearing them out, no more acting like we are better than. Yes, gentlemen, this is for you too:

Today, Let's see people.

Today, let's smile at people.

Let's look at those faces and into those eyes.

Look at that person like he or she is the most intelligent,

kindest, and caring person you have ever met.

I suggest you do the same for the person you see in the mirror.


EVERY time you catch yourself complaining:

  • STOP


  • SEEK

STOP the thought. No more karening. No more gossiping with the karens.

SHIFT the focus to something positive.

SEEK: Find one pleasant thing to say about the person you were just gossiping about or throwin' under the bus.



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