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The reason I cried this morning

It's the last day of February, and yes, we've been gifted one extra day this month.

Tomorrow, of course, is March.

March of 2023 was when we started our 31-DAY-QUIT-YER-COMPLAININ' CHALLENGE. Remember?

Those of you who stuck with it, said you noticed how much better you felt. You had more peace, more calmness, more confidence, and much, much more self-awareness. Your commitment paid off.

Mine did too.

That's not why I cried.

Over the past two months, our trio of children have either been in tow...right along with us at our speaking and teaching events, or in the loving care of their grandparents.

I cried because I am so grateful for grandparents. Not everyone has them in their lives. I cried because I am so proud of our kids' willingness to be an integral part of our Seek First Ranch Mission, found at the very bottom of this page. Our older two got to help us facilitate our breakout sessions at both the Johnson County Cattlewomen's Annual Conference in Buffalo, WY and at the Montana Soil Health Symposium in Billings. They even got those silky green "speaker" ribbons on their nametags. And if you didn't know, our kids helped design - what is now our most FAVORITE (and very revealing) breakout activity of all time.

But why I really cried was over Henry, the 13-year-old friend we lost last March.

March 1, 2023 had Henry in it. March 31, 2023 did not.

And it hurts. Because Henry was every bit as creative and amazing and capable and loved beyond measure as our kids.

And life isn't fair.

So I've said it to you once, and I'll say it again.

Our thoughts,


and actions


And we


never know

when they



our last.

One more thing before I leave you to your LEAP DAY.

YES-we have TWO MORE SOLID MONTHS of Schools and Speaking events...then yes, we'll turn our focus back to the ranch...

in eager anticipation for the calvies and the lambies of 2024 to join us in May!

No, not all of our events are right for everybody. But if one might be for you, you can see what's happening HERE. (We just got booked for 2 additional events for April that are not currently come back in a few days to check those out)

As always, love from us to you.

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Mar 01

You are a gifted writer, Tara. We love you and are so proud of you. Love your mom and dad.

And Henry, dearest Henry who impacted so many lives... so many were blessed through you.


Feb 29

Ooh Henry, you have touched so many lives. Thank you for this post Tara. 🫂❤️🙏🏻

Feb 29
Replying to

We miss him so much. 🩵

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