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Day 24 of 31: Potent 'Quotables'

Remember what we asked some of you

at the very beginning -

before you even signed up for this challenge?

It was this:

Subconciously, how do you think your current level of complaining is affecting your mental health and well-being... or dare we say, mental unhealth and poor-being?

Only you could answer that question for yourself then,

and only you can answer that question for yourself now.

So today I'm askin'.

What's your response?

As for me,

At the beginning, I said... "I dunno, probably quite a bit."

And now,

I DO know it's more than just quite a bit.

I'd say complaining affects my mental health a-heckuva-lot.

But - you know what else I've learned?

In just 3 & a half weeks of dedicated effort,

My mood & attitude has improved.

My ability to navigate unexpected, challenging, and even difficult situations has increased.

'Cause you know what I'm truly internalizing?

Stress isn't what happens to us.

It's how we physically & mentally respond to the situation we are in.

I don't know about you, but I want to be resilient.

And I think this challenge gets me moving confidently in the right direction.

Now, I'm hearin' ya naysayers, thinking - well it's easy to skirt stress when life's a breeze.

I tell you what. In the last few weeks, our family has been thrown quite a few sour lemons.

We've literally had some tough breaks and losses.

So I'm humbly sitting here in front of you today,

informing you that these are not complaints. This is just the current reality we are navigating.

And I have choices to make.

So every moment of every day, I have an opportunity to practice -

  • STOPPING my thoughts from spiraling into vent-mode or whine-mode

  • SHIFTING my focus into neutral. Because neutral bridges the gap between reverse (where I don't want to be) and forward (where I do want to be)

  • SEEKING SOLUTIONS and opportunities for growth

Life will throw lemons.

This challenge does not prevent things from going haywire once in a while.

But if we show up. If we take the time. If we do the work -

We can take back our mental health.


Now it's time to take a leisurely scroll-stroll through these potent quotables...

May you be inspired, uplifted, encouraged, and equipped today.

quotes & images compliments of quotefancy


Copyright © 2023 Tara Dukart of Seek First Ranch. All Rights Reserved

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Apr 14, 2023

LOVE THIS!!! 👆👆👆

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