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Days 17-18 of 31: gone ROGUE

Y'all are wild.

I gotta say. I am pretty impressed.

That's right: today we're talkin' bout those of you who went rogue and are livin' to tell the story

I promised I would not use your name without yer permission, so I'll be givin' ya

aliases in a minute. That okay with you?

But first, I gotta come clean again. Both figuratively and literally.

I took my wristband off last Saturday when I was cleaning bathrooms.

(I didn't say I was wild.)

>>> If you are thinking that removal-of-the-wristband

means you can cheat on the challenge,

Au contraire, my friend. <<<

But-I AM about to admit something to you.

I forgot to put my wristband back on.

The next morning, I complained about 3 different things before catching myself.

I DID catch myself, but I realized in-that-moment

HOW MUCH my visual cue matters to me.

I see it,

I feel it,

and it reminds me of the commitment I have made:

  • to STOP flippin my fruit basket

  • to SHIFT my attitude

  • to SEEK SOLUTIONS, which, as long as we're being honest here, began with prayer for divine influence, then putting my wristband BACK on my wrist, followed by a few deep breaths, and then brewing, what I think, was one of the best pots of french press dark roasts I have ever brewed.

I'm not saying coffee is always part of my solutions package, but it helps my process, alright?

But let's get back to you.

And by the way, FOR THE RECORD: I never suggested that you should inflict pain upon yourselves or others, but obviously, a visual cue wasn't enough for some of you, and you knew it.

Cheers to you for goin' rogue.

We're gunna start with co-workers, Lucy & Ethel. This duo upped the ante with snap-backs. That's right. When one of these gals starts complainin' they say, "Snap that bracelet," so as not to continue a collaboration of commiseration.


Up next, Matthew, Mark, Luke, & Joan (also co-workers) have implemented "the flick-trick." That's right. They have given each other permission to "flick" the wristband of the person who starts complaining, whining or - and this right here is another special addition - spreading. workplace. gossip.

The "flick-trick" is their mutually-agreed upon, non-verbal way to say, behold, ye shall not speaketh of evil things.

It's pretty good, right?

Ok, now. Adele.

Hello? This soulful sista switches her wristband from her left wrist to her right wrist every time she complains, or even thinks about complaining. She says the-switching-back & forth increases her awareness of the visual cue, making it a more effective tool fer her tool box.

And lastly, Kate & William.

Married couple. They don't have the official "See the Blue" wristbands, so they are improvising. That's right. They've made an agreement to say or do "10 nice things" for someone else every time they catch themselves (or each other) complaining.

That's how you build an empire.

STAY TUNED: Next week we'll hear from one of you who DID give me permission to use your name.

^^ That is the question ^^

Before I sign off for today, you must know:

1. You won't be hearin' from me tomorrow. I'll be seeing some of you ... in person ... at the Spring Vendor Show March 18 from noon-7pm at the Riverdale High Coliseum.

Yes-it's a free, family-friendly event WITH entertainment.

2. Legal disclaimer for rogue-goers: Tara Dukart is not responsible for any injuries caused by this challenge, including, but not limited to, wristband snappage nor flickage.


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