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Day 20 of 31: CALL TO ACTION: bring in a NEW recruit & recommit yer quit!

Did you know this challenge started off with just enough players to make up a football team*?


LOOK how we have grown.

Good news, Team,

We've recently gathered a few more new recruits.


If yer fixin' to quit-yer-complainin', you've come to the right place.

Yer 31-Days can start ANY TIME, so you might as well start TODAY!

>> Today is the first day in your journey

toward a more positive and better looking you. <<


Keep readin' these posts for daily support and encouragement.



Your commitment has earned you a place in the finals.

For the benefit of all of us, let's go over the ground rules one-more-time,

shall we? But first, a few reminders:

  • This is a competition with yourself and for yourself. However - we DO encourage you to bring some friends, family, & co-workers along side you.

WHY? Because not only are we asking you to

  • quit yer own crappy attitude,

We are also inviting you to

  • quit yer bitchin' with others

Commiseration is painful & it needs to stop.

Still Agreed? Good.

We are committing and re-committing to holding ourselves accountable.

We are not only setting boundaries, we are learning how to help others clearly see where our boundaries are set.


1. Wear your wristband at all times. This is not only YOUR visual cue, it is also the cue for others. Boundaries, remember? (If you did not get a wristband from us at the "Protect Your Legacy" turning point, no problem. You probably have a substitute already floating around your home. Any wristband, large rubber band or hair scrunchy will work just fine. And hey, we aren't against you going WILD and donning a top hat or a tiara for the next month.)

<<Make your boundary BIG>>

2. EVERY time you catch yourself complaining:

  • STOP


  • SEEK

STOP the thought.

SHIFT the focus to something positive.

SEEK: Find one pleasant thing to say about the person or thing you were just complainin' about or throwin' under the bus.

If you were complaining about a problem, seek one possible solution. ("...But maybe I could......." )

So far, we've learned:

  • how to TAKE BACK your precious time by not wastin' it on complainin' & commiseratin' bout yer great balls of bullcrap

  • doing this challenge will not necessarily lessen the amount of things you could complain about, but it will remind you that complaining is a choice

  • how to handle them Karens

  • how Melissa's visual cue affected Kelly's behavior

  • how Alanis can easily solve the problems she's been whinin' bout since '96 (isn't it ironic, don't you think?)

  • what we mean when we say, See the Blue

  • how to identify the things we really want...and how to make them happen

  • why James tells us to "walk slowly, but never backward"

  • who went rogue on us

  • why happiness is a pursuit

  • and where (& in whom) to find true joy

Now here's yer CALL-TO-ACTION

Technically, this challenge started with only enough players for a game of chess:

Joshua + Tara.

^^ As thrilling as this sounds, ^^

we thought we'd invite a few more to join us.

That bumped us up to 11.

But ya know what? Being around people is wild.

Ya never know what's gonna come outta someone's mouth,

and commiseration is painfully common.

So the MORE people we can get into this challenge, the better it is for all of us.

We are a team

So I need you to put the U in recruit.

Come along with me, would ya?

U - go - recruit ... just one more person to join us. Maybe two. But I wouldn't say no to three or more.

U go get 'em, Tiger.

But would you do me another favor?

Cheer them on, would you?

Look, it's NOT your job to fix other people's behaviors.

But you can exercise and model effective mental health habits.

You can simultaneously help others while helping yourself.

This is a game where EVERYONE CAN WIN.

But we gotta play as a team.

Mental health matters.

How can U invite? EASY!

Forward a friend, family member or co-worker one of yer challenge emails.

Or share one of these challenge posts on your social media.

Go Team!

courtesy image

* Because in our business we believe in full-transparency, I think you have the right to know that I had to Google "how many players on a football team"

Just to be clear, if ya wanna talk sports games, I'm not yer girl, and I think honesty is the best policy.


Copyright © 2023 Tara Dukart of Seek First Ranch. All Rights Reserved.

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